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Best practice: Premium Reseller
May 21, 2024
Written by Daan Tolk

After a decade of successfully distributing products through specialty retail outlets in the Dutch market, we launched an innovative Premium Reseller Program, targeted at high-performing retail stores to strengthen their loyalty and enhance consumer brand loyalty. This strategy aims to elevate brand enthusiasm, creating brand stores without the need for new premises.      

Criteria for Premium Reseller Status

The selection criteria for the Premium Reseller Program were meticulously crafted with the intent to invite stores that demonstrated exceptional commitment to our brand. Some requirements for joining the program were: 

  • Listing all Neolea products
  • A (long) history of partnership
  • A minimum yearly wholesale revenue

Following these criteria, we initially welcomed 15 specialty stores in the Netherlands into the program.

Exclusive Benefits for Participating Stores

Stores participating in the Premium Reseller Program are rewarded with a suite of exclusive perks::

  • An annual in-store brand demonstration (with an average revenue of €1.200 per demo!)
  • POS materials, including a display set with product samples and a window decal.
  • Quarterly distribution of complimentary recipe cards
  • Early or exclusive access to new and limited edition products.

Encouraging Preliminary Outcomes

Just a few months post-launch, the program has already yielded impressive results. Retailers have leveraged the provided marketing materials, which increased our brand visibility significantly. Commercially, we've observed a 20% increase in total revenue from these retailers compared to the period before the program's inception, including a sell-out of an exclusive limited edition product.

What’s next?

Having the program in place for  6 months now, we are continuously evaluating and refining our approach to further improve these unique relationships. The initial success has prompted us to consider expanding the program to include additional stores that meet our criteria, ensuring the program remains exclusive and beneficial to both our brand and our most committed retail partners. Furthermore, we are exploring opportunities to introduce the program in other markets, aiming to replicate this success on a broader scale.

For additional details or questions about our Premium Resellers program, please reach out to Daan Tolk at