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Bart from Neolea in a video
Neolea Revolutionizes Premium Olive Oil Packaging with Eco-Friendly Aluminum Can and Reusable Cap
May 21, 2024

The new “Fresh Cap” will pave the way for more environmentally sustainable olive oil packaging due to the greater recyclability of materials

Corfu, Greece [May 16, 2024] - Neolea, an award-winning olive oil and premium goods brand, is set to redefine the olive oil market with the introduction of the first-ever extra virgin olive oil packaged in eco-friendly aluminum cans equipped with a unique and reusable “Fresh Cap”. This innovative approach will enhance the customer experience and address environmental concerns, setting a new standard for sustainability and quality in the market.

The “Fresh Cap” is designed to protect the integrity, freshness, and flavor of Neolea’s premium olive oil, while offering a spill-free, flow-controlled pouring experience and the ability to reseal the can for future use. The cap is also dishwasher safe, easy to use, and perfect for maintaining the olive oil's pristine condition between uses.

"Neolea has long been a pioneer in olive oil innovation, committed to elevating both product quality and the consumer experience." stated Daan Tolk, CEO of Neolea. "This commitment is embodied in our latest innovation, the “Fresh Cap”, developed to ensure the perfect pour and maintain the impeccable freshness of our olive oil. We’re looking forward to launching a healthier solution for our environment, customers, and suppliers.”

“Recycling aluminum consumes approximately 95% less energy than producing new aluminum from raw materials, and it can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality, making it an exceptionally sustainable option. These factors make aluminum the preferred material for reducing environmental impact in product packaging, providing both economic and ecological advantages. At Neolea, we are deeply passionate about maintaining the highest quality in our products and are committed to a healthier world, which drives our choice of aluminum for this new line, aligning our environmental goals with our dedication to superior quality."  

Partnering with leading design agencies in the United States and Europe, the company aims to introduce this new packaging exclusively to US natural- and specialty grocery stores in late 2024, reflecting Neolea’s ongoing mission to deliver superior products that honor the Greek heritage and environmental responsibilities. 

About Neolea:

Neolea is a leading provider of premium Greek extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and flavored sea salts. Neolea is a four-time winner at the global New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) — most recently the Gold Award Winner in 2024. Neolea’s olive oil is known for its low acidity, freshness, and the full-bodied taste of olives with a light, peppery finish. Committed to bringing people together through the quality and flavor of their products, Neolea embraces both tradition and modernity in its quest to offer the best tasting experience.  

To explore Neolea’s authorized retailers in the USA, which include Sur La Table, The Fresh Market, Bristol Farms, and more, visit their store map or contact them for more information.

Press contact: Felicia Rajnoch 

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