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Bart from Neolea in a video
Greg - Our Guy in New York
April 5, 2024

In the bustling streets of New York, where the pace never slows and the flavors never dull, Greg carries on a family legacy steeped in the rich history of the food industry. In an engaging chat with Daan from Neolea, we dive into the world of Greg Cuoco, a dynamic sales representative for Chex Finer Foods in New York City. With a narrative that weaves through decades, starting from the sixties when his grandfather became the first distributor of Twinings Tea in the country, Greg's story is not just about business; it's a tale of passion, heritage, and the evolution of taste.

From the halls of the Fancy Food Shows in unexpected cities like Chicago to the vibrant aisles filled with eager attendees, Greg recounts his earliest memories of being part of this flavorful world at just 18. The excitement of the shows, the exhaustion behind the booths, and the thrill of walking the event floors paint a vivid picture of a life dedicated to the pursuit of culinary excellence.

But it's not just about attending shows; it's about making connections, understanding needs, and adapting to the unpredictable rhythm of selling in New York City. Greg takes us through a day in his life, highlighting the unpredictability that comes with servicing stores across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island. “An average day in New York and selling in New York is highly unpredictable... you don't know when you're gonna get a call from a store... and then you have to switch your plans." Each store, with its unique demands and managerial quirks, requires a tailored approach, blending the art of negotiation with the precision of timing.

Central to Greg's narrative is the evolution of consumer tastes and the relentless quest for quality. He discusses the shifting landscape of the olive oil market, the unexpected rise of tin fish as a hot category, and the continuous innovation in the snack world. Through his lens, we see the changing appetites of New York, a city always at the forefront of culinary trends.

But what makes Greg's journey truly remarkable for us is his role as an ambassador for Neolea. He speaks with pride about our high-quality oils and vinegars, the attractive packaging that catches the eye, and the importance of educating consumers about the benefits of products free from microplastics.

As our conversation with Greg winds down, we're left with a richer understanding of the food industry's dynamics, the challenges and rewards of selling in New York, and the enduring importance of quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Greg (middle) and Bart (right) visit City Acres Market